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07 Marzo 2007 aggiunta qualche foto nuova! (grazie a Cratty)
10 Novembre 2006: aggiunto un simpatico e semplice orologio realtime nel tech showcase
23 Ottobre 2006: aggiunto il tech showcase e il generatore di calendari in PDF


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29 November 2023
Vitalyywar Hello. 14 November 2023
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gyoxxhsdryc Website 28 February 2023
DavidNoize Hello. And Bye. 01 February 2023
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This place is correct for This? Limao
16 March 2022
XRumerTest Hello. And Bye. 22 August 2021
Danielbig Годнота спасибо 07 May 2021
DonaldPoill Годнота спасибо 14 January 2021
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rardPrums hi :) bross :) 27 October 2019
itaBluef Ciao a tutti vengo dall'italia 02 October 2019
rardPrums Hello. And Bye. 10 September 2019
slovaslurf It is english language possible to write? Sorry for my proor eng 03 August 2019
Monica 04 November 2007
Rikushinblade word from charas:"We miss ya alex" 01 May 2007
LaLimpia Ciao!
Aggiornami con le tue date nei cortili "venessiani",
grazie! ^_^ Un saluto da Verona
17 December 2006
lorenzo e amici 01 December 2006
krynth heya went ahead and took a look at your site cause of
your post from your site, the music
is awsome!
08 November 2006
Etna-Sophia_Xiaoyu-3 Hey Alex! Me is from your site,
Interesting looking site! Hope you're having a great
time with it!
19 October 2006
Sveta Sentimental and nostalgic. Great.K 17 October 2006
Julie 12 October 2006
Keno Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!! 29 September 2006
Rikushinblade ever thought about returing to us Alex? at charas? 08 September 2006
Mid Nice site Alex, really... but did you forget teh
"important" message I told you about. Sai and me are
still waiting. :/
22 August 2006
scintilladiluce molto carino il tuo sito! Complimenti e auguri per la tua

28 July 2006
Mario 19 July 2006
antonella 19 July 2006
Sjad I was reading "The Repulic of Plato" when I suddenly
developed the desire to create a Role Playing Game. In
my search for a game developement modual I came
across your "chara-project" website and downloaded the
chara generating program. I thank you for that. It's
proven invaluable for creating my own unique and
uncopyrighted graphics. In regards to your music, I'm
deaf. Sorry for that... :(
18 July 2006
Shana Ciao Alexander,
komplimenti di cuore :)
25 June 2006
paola sangineto 18 June 2006
Joan Incredibly nice music.
Greetings, Alexander!
17 June 2006
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