Lang tools, by Alex (Brief description)

Test page (to view the script in action) -  Add/Edit languages -  Add/Edit terms (words)

Lang tool is a simple but very powerful script that will allow you to add multilanguage options to your site.
Generally this is done using langfiles: they're simply php files filles with variables.
But what if you'd need a more flexible and fast system?
With a langfile system, how may you check if all variables are filled, and how?
And what if you'd need to have a fast summon of all your lang variables?
Lang tool is the solution!
Easy to install and use, it provide a web based interface to manage all of your terms. And you just need one include line in each php file to put it in action!

As usual, this scripts are very essential, just designed to WORK.
No graphics are provided, just basic stylesheets adjusments.

To work with it, you need to include a function file in your script.
To see how it works, go to the test page

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