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Alex's interest in the IT world began at the age of 6, first on a Texas Instruments and later on the Commodore 64, which at the age of 8 he began to develop in pure assembly language.
Having this passion, he was self-taught on the X86 machine, using DOS 5 and WINDOWS 3.x systems.
When he finished High School (musical ciriculum), he attended the "Diploma di Informatica" in Padua for two years. There he came in contact with the Linux world. In Venice he attended the "Conservazione dei Beni Culturali ad indirizzo Musicale" course for three years and later, because of university reform, the "Tecniche Artistiche e dello Spettacolo" course.

Specific knowledges

Alex has developed solutions utilizing the following operating systems:
Linux (mainly Slackware, RedHat, Fedora and Debian), Solaris, Win3.x, Win9x, WinNT, Win2000 and WinXP.
He knows structure, operation and implementation of the main network protocols (Tcp/Ip, Ftp, Telnet, Smtp, Http, Smb, Ssh etc...) and their related implementations for security, restrictions, permissions, access control, etc...

He developes primarily using:
Perl, Php, Asp, Html, Sql, Javascript.
He hase general knowledge of:
Assembler, C, C++, Java, Hdml, Awk.
He has multiplatform developement experience with local and distribuited networks (Smb, sharing, users management, etc.) as well as design of multibrowser websites.
He has been involved in many distributions and implementations using Linux, gaining an understanding of the various issues with local and network management from various points of view, implementations, and versions of software.


He made various hardware and software installations for private industry, mainly for and on Linux, NT (3.51 & 4) and Win2000 systems.
In 2000 he worked in the IT laboratory of the Cá Foscari University of Venice as assistant and collaborator to the didactic activities.
In that laboratory he prepared a server, based on Linux Slackware7, with the following specs:
Web server of "Facoltá di Lettere e Filosofia" department (, based on Apache 1.3.9;
PDC and manager of resources and disk quotas, based on Samba 2.0.7;
Central management of logins and passwords via selfmade Perl scripts;
Protected users database management via web, using selfmade scripts in Php3, Postgresql server and specific configuration of Apache.
In March-June 2000, Alex instructed a base course on Linux for the laboratory.
He collaborated on the setup of a second Linux server, based on Debian, for the Venice node of the "Reti Medievali" project (
He also installed other local networks similar to the one above based on Samba 2.0.8, allowing PDC functions also for Win2000/XP systems.
Online examples of his works (scripts only, graphics by others):
Venezia Observer
Hotel a Venezia
Mappe di Venezia
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